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Training Overview

The Office of Regulatory Affairs Data Exchange (ORA DX) program provides training opportunities to support the adoption of the ORA DX systems and to assist users in understanding and utilizing the various data exchange capabilities. Currently, training is available as an e-Learning and/or Instructor-led course (virtual, lecture only, demo, or interactive).

e-Learning Courses

ORA DX e-Learning courses are short duration videos (less than10 minutes) that provide guidance and instruction on specific data sharing capabilities of the ORA DX systems, particularly ORAPP. The courses are:

  • On-demand
  • Virtual
  • Non-interactive
  • Accessible to the public via ORAPP

Instructor-led Courses

Instructor-led courses greatly boost the understanding of the ORA DX systems via instructor and student interactions using structured and focused training materials that are accompanied by a live system demo and practice exercises. The courses are:

  • On-demand
  • Virtual
  • Interactive
  • Limited to ORAPP users

Knowledge Articles

Knowledge Articles are periodicals (less than 5 pages) that deliver guidance and instructions on specific topics of the ORA DX systems. KAs are available on the Knowledge Articles page. The articles are:

  • Available every quarter
  • Distributed via email to ORA DX users

Have Questions or Need More Information

Have a request for a new e-Learning course, instructor-led course, or Knowledge Article? Send us a note via the Contact Us page.